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New works in progress

Yellow star being embraced by blue and pink

Wings and Stars and Dots of Pink. 

Stars: drawing in process.
Out of the blue star shapes appeared in drawings with ballpoint in different colours. These star drawings seem to want to tell their own story; a fairytale. The yellow star in the middle is the main 'person' and is experiencing various adventures, being embraced, becoming free, surrounded by friends, it is for everybody to fill in their own story!

Wings: painting in process.
Just started with blue paint on my hands yesterday and wing shapes appeared again on 1x1 m canvases. Now it is becoming a whole series of wing shapes in yellows, orange, purples and blues. I love the open spaces and lightness of them; it is easy to imagine to fly away.

Most paintings are still in process, three of the nine are now finished.

Poetry: Dots of pink
Poetry book number 5 is being made. Selection of the poems is done and now it is combining them with colourful illustrations, a selection of my art works. Probably there will appear a few of the new wings and stars in the new book.

New poem-fragments from book 5:

Society is a bride in brace
entangled in a rat-race
She created her own knight-mare
Who she married in despair
Society is embraced
by the world wide web
like a shoe in its lace
What will be the next step? 
Happiness comes
when the time goes
Then the moment presents
an unfolding rose
Geluk komt met plezier
als je alles laat
En je stevig in het hier
en nu verankerd staat

Published: March 2016
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